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Awaiting Your Adventure ...

7 reasons travelling by campervan is the best way to travel!

1) You can sleep wherever you want, whenever you want (within reason)

We do love a vroom with a view (sorry), but getting off the beaten track couldn’t be easier with a campervan!

2) You have your own space for your complete adventure

As your accommodation moves around with you, there is no packing and unpacking all the time everything is just where you left it.


There’s no hanging about for scheduled trains/planes/buses when you want to get somewhere. Do you want to head out off-the-beaten-track? Just drive!

4) Cute, scenic dinner times/morning views

The campervan will take you to many beautiful and scenic places where you just wouldn't find a restaurant.

5) It works out much cheaper in the long run

You’re saving money on hotels, trains, buses, cars etc. Plus, nine times out of 10, you’re on a road trip with at least one other person, so you’re sharing the cost of fuel too. With your own cooker and fridge you can also save on your food costs. 

6) There are so many epic road trip routes around Europe

Most travelers get excited about the prospect of a road trip, and for good reason. There are some things you just don’t get to see unless you hop in a campervan and drive out there. Cool, abandoned buildings, remote and scenic beaches or views, or maybe finding local food and drink to cook up later that night.

7) More time for what matters the most
Who wants to be messing around setting up tents and sleeping on the floor when it's all right in your hand. There is nothing worse than setting up tents in the dark. Dark or light in our campervan you can pull up and be ready for a night in comfort within minutes. 

We want to make sure you make the most out your VW Campervan hire.

So to help plan your journey we have listed a few links below of places to stay. 

Untitled 3.jpg

Types of Holidays our Campervan provides:

- Holidays near the coast
- Camping with the kids
- Camping with the dogs (see our dog friendly page)
- Birdwatching
- Walking & Hiking
- Discovering wildlife 
- Food & drink festivals
- Music festivals
- Lakeside & riverside camping
- Other festivals
- Heritage sites
- National parks
- Cycling adventures
- Watersports 

National Parks to visit:

- Brecon Beacons
- Cairngorms
- Dartmoor
- Exmoor
- Lake District
- Loch Lomond & the Trossachs
- New Forest
- North York Moors
- Northumberland
- Peak District
- Pembrokeshire Coast
- Snowdonia
- South Downs
- Yorkshire Dales

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